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How much notice do we need to give??

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We are in our second 6 month contract which ends mid June. When we signed we paid the full 6 months rent up front and told the landlord that we would very likely move out before the end of the second 6 month term. We now do need to move out before mid June and want to know how much notice we need to give. We have emailed the landlord but he is not being very forth coming, we had a fall out over a repair issue a while ago. As we have paid all the rent due until the end of the contract can we move out at short notice without jeopardising our deposit??

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Hi Steve,

Under UK Law you are only required to give 1 months written notice. Some tenancy agreements require 2 but legally 1 is sufficient. Ensure it is done in writing and there is a record (if posted send recorded/registered delivery- if email, ensure tyou get a reply or ‘read receipt’ confirming receipt- assumption is not enough).

Hope that helps.

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