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How should I best heat a flat with no heating installed?

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I’ve paid the admin fee to an agent for a flat so I’m waiting to be accepted as a private tenant. The flat is modern and tidy with a gas supply to the outside wall but no heating inside apart from an electric fire on the wall of the living room. There are three rooms: living room, bedroom, small kitchen.

I live on housing benefit and JSA. What is the most economical means of heating this property?

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I think gas heating is the best choice, if you have a gas supply. You should really negotiate for the landlord to purchase this equipment, as a property without heating equipment is not too attractive for some tenants. 

Electric room heaters are not too expensive to purchase and work relatively cheap, but are not the most economical option in the long run. However, you can use just a single heater and move it to different rooms. 

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