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How to ask my landlord to shorten my lease before signing ?

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Hi everybody

Before signing my lease soon, I’d like to ask my landlord to shorten my lease from a one year rental to a six months rental. The reason is I’m not sure I want to stay a full year in Scotland because I’m French and I would probably need to come back home during the year. I take the same flat from 2 years now, I’m a reliable tenant who has never caused any problems, and I’m preparing to rent it again a full new year. But I’m afraid it is too long for me.

Can you give me some tips or help me to write a short letter to my landlord (actually, I don’t know him or her, he’s represented by an estate agent) to ask to transform my lease from a one year term rental to a six months rental ?

Thank you for your help

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Ask your landlord can you have a 12 month lease with a 6 break period in it. Giving notice after 6 months tenancy but letting you have piece of mind that you could have 12 months without having to re-sign again every 6 months.


Thank you very much for your help. I plan to send this kind of letter. Could you tell me what you think about it ?

I’m not very comfortable with this kind of letter because I’m French. So a little help to make it understandable will be great.


I’m the current tenant of the flat XXX Street which I occupy since May 2012. Now I’m about to renew my lease for a new year, but before to do that, I wanted to ask you a question. This lease agreement is currently for one year, but I wonder if it would be possible for you and/or for the landlord to shorten it a little and allow me a 6 month lease agreement (renewable) ? However, If this demand can not be satisfied, then I’ll sign the new lease for the agreed period and I’ll send it to you as soon as possible.


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