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How to pay rent

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Hi   i need your advice. I have a year tenancy agreement and paid six month advance rent through  the agent. Now approaching the end of 6 months,  do I receive the payment notice from the agency?  What if the landlord asks for direct payment to him?  Thanks



This depends on what is stipulated in your tenancy agreement. As the agent was your first contact I would just contact them and have them instrcut you accordingly. It is then for the Landlord to take this matter up with them directly.

That said, if your contract states the next payment should be made to the Landlord directly then you should do so- as long as you have his details.

Whilst an agent/landlord should (out of courtesy) remind you of a payment date this is not their responsibilty and it is your responsibility to ensure you fulfil all terms of your tenancy- including making rental payments in full and on time.

Hope that helps.

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