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How to reclaim the £300 holding fee I paid to secure room that was described misleadingly

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I was conned out of £300 by a letting agency who misrepresented the condition and appearance of the flat I wanted to rent under them, when they described it over the phone without providing the photographic detail they promised they would follow up with. I now want to claim a full refund under civil rights protection law, but have been warned that without a recording of the original phone conversation, my chances of getting it will be reduced. Is it worth pursuing the case, and how should I go about it? Any help highly appreciated.

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I’m not a lawyer but I think you would probably struggle to prove your loss without any record of the conversation having taken place. It would be your word against theirs and although, as a consumer, you have an additional level of protection you’d probably still have to show what it was you relied on to make the payment.

You could speak to someone at Citizens Advice if you’re determined to pursue it.

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