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How valid is this agreement?

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Dear all,

I am a tenant. I just moved into a property and the lanlord has given notice to us to move out as she wants to sell the house. This is within her legal right as she gave us the section of the agreement but very annoying having only just moved in.

The lanlady added my name to the agreement but I have never been sent a copy nor did I sign anything. Is it a legal obligation to provide it to me or is it even valid without my signature?

Also she gave us notice amd it was terribly explained so I’ve asked for explanation when we have to move out etc but it’s been 9 days and I’ve phoned her, left voicemail, messaged her on whatsapp and emailed so this is was infuriating as I need to ask if I can move out earlier to my next month being busy and don’t have time to look for places..

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Hi Ed,

Sorry for the late reply however this does sound like matters have been handled very poorly.

Do you still need some help and advice or has this all been resolved?

Do let me know if I can be of any help?

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