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i am being evicted

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my landlord has issued a section 8 because my rent is in 3 months arrears. 

how can i stay in the property without paying for it please?  my wages are all used up by rent payment day and i want to keep the house in case i need it [living with my boyfriend at his house at the moment].

what can i do to keep him from evicting me apart from paying?


Hi Paula

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a lot you can do – you’re only entitled to legally stay in the property if you pay rent as that’s the contract you probably signed, rent in return for residence. If you need help with accomodation speak to someone at Shelter.



Hi Paula,

You have no right to the flat – you are not even living there for FFS! 

The landlord can still pursue you for unpaid rent once you leave, which could result in your bankruptcy. I suggest that you do the honorable thing and leave.

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