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I need help my Landlords are my parents :(

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Hey. I’m after some advice Ive lived in my house for just over 8 years we are still waiting for heating gas check and hot water and are oven to be fixed we’ve been to the council had a hhsrs done ( health and safety check) done but nothing ever came of it files been lost on 2 occasion. I’ve asked my landlord aka my mum and dad to fix and have checks done as me and my son (there grandson) have had enough of the cold weather in this house and boiling pots and pans to bath every night is becoming a joke. The council won’t rehouse us because to them we have a roof over are head but I’m at my wits end I’m a mum I would never put my child up in these conditions. What do I do I can’t make myself homeless becuase of my boy he’s my world and Im stating to feel like a useless mother not being able to keep him warm or in a safe environment any help of what I should do or where to go would be much appreciated. And yes you did read it right my landlords are my mum and dad

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If you’ve been to the council and they have performed a safety check, did the issues with room temperature and access to hot water get discussed?

If so, it is unreasonable for the council to do nothing while you have no heating and no hot water. 

Did they serve your landlord(s) with an improvement notice? If not, why not? It’s their job to enforce normal living conditions in your property. You should go back to them and demand to speak to a manager or higher link in the chain. 

In essence, you have to light their phone on fire and demand they take action to improve living conditions for your child.

You have legal right to access to heating and hot water. Specifically: 

“The minimum heating standard is at least 18°C in sleeping rooms, and 21°C in living rooms, when the temperature outside is minus 1°C and it should be available at all times.”

If your property can’t cover this, he / they are in breach and the local council has to take steps and force the landlord to do repairs. 

For hot water it’s either you have it, or you don’t. A kettle is a temporary measure while repairs are being done, not instead of repairs. 

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