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I removed a chirping fire alarm that was driving me mad

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Hi, I feel bad becasue I believe I am a good person and I have never broken the law. I am the kind of person who feels guilty if she steps on a spider by accident. I am a good tenant who never misses a rent or bill payment and have always been praised for the good way I keep the flats I rent, including by this last landlord/agent. However, I was driven to the point where I had not choice but to grab a long-handled heavy pan and smash the alarm off the ceiling. To give you a bit of background, lately I have been caught up in a dispute with the property manager who looks after (he does nothing really) the property I am renting. This dispute is over the fire alarm in question that kept chirping for days (nearly 10) driving me insane and depraving me of sleep. I had successfully completed counselling for my depression after feeling suicidal (for other problems in my life) and due to the stress brought back by that alarm the progress I had made is all out of the window. Even though he did not check the alarm the property manager told me that it was probably to do with the battery running out and that it was my responsibility to replace it. I tried to tell him that I did not know how to replace the battery as my previous landlords dealt with the fire alarms themselves and I nver had to replace a battery. I also told him that I did not have a ladder and I suffer from dizziness. He refused to help me. He did not want to provide a ladder either. I could only reach it to smash it by standing on a tall chair and using a long handled pan but to remove the cover I would have needed a steady ladder. The flat has its own separate entrance but it’s part of a HMO house since I have to access the communal hall to gain access to my meters. There are two other working alarms in the kitchen and in the living room. I don’t smoke and I don’t use candles/anything that could cause fire. I feel relieved now that the noise has been silenced but I am dead worried I might be prosecuted. I have already given my notice due to the dispute and the attidude of this property manager and I plan to leave earlier. I feel so bad because I have become the bad guy in this story now. Any advice on this will be appreciated. Thanks.

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It’s not so bad.

It could have been a lot better if the property manager helped and wasn’t such a prick, as you do have reasonable excuse for not being able to take care of the smoke detector yourself. 

However, it’s really not that bad. One of these units ranges between £15 – £35. Tell your landlord to purchase a new one and discount it from your deposit. You are going to pay for it in the end, but it’s only a small amount and you could have smashed it earlier if you knew it was going to interfere with your recovery. 


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