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i wasn't a tenant but the person i was living with was evicted

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I moved into my girlfriends council house and lived there for a few years. I wasn’t working and wasn’t contributing to the rent (I know that’s shameful but I was going through a depression after losing my father and brother at once and sort of withdrew from life) She was evicted for rent arrears that I didn’t know she had because she didn’t want to put any worries onto me. She moved back to her mothers and I have been staying with friends on their sofas (I no longer have any family)

I been trying to get help from the council to make a homeless application but I’m getting a bit of the run around to get various documents etc (I’ve been there over ten times and they always want something else before they can proceed) and everytime I’ve been there they’ve told me there is a high probability that I’ll be found intentionally homeless due to living with my girlfriend who was evicted for rent arrears

So my question is even though I wasn’t the tenant and not the person who paid rent or was even billed for rent am I still responsible for the rent and it’s arrears – can I really be found intentionally homeless and should I even carry on with the hassle it seems to be to make a homeless application with the council if they already seem to have the opinion I’ll be found intentionally homeless or is this just a tactic to discourage me from applying as my friend seems to think

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Hi, thanks for posting in our forum. I’m very sorry to hear of the loss of your family.

It must be very frustrating dealing with the council and the bureaucracy. The Shelter website has excellent information regarding how to determine whether you are “intentionally homeless”.

By your account, you “acted in good faith or weren’t aware of something that caused you to become homeless [therefore] the council should accept that it’s not intentional.”

The site also contains key advice and a link to their directory so you can speak with an advisor who can give you expert guidance.


I wish you all the very best of luck.

Disclaimer: This information is derived from personal experience and should not be relied upon as a definitive or accurate interpretation of the law.


Were the local authority aware of you living there? Cos you don’t say, and it’s a very important point.

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