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If letting ask for cash and don't issue invoice what should I do

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above mentioned letting agent when we have bank they have transfer that money to our A/C and asked to pay cash for admin charge. we have paind cash 700 pound for admin charge otherwise if we cancel our contract they will charge us 500 pound. they did not left any choice for us without continuing contract with them. when we have asked for invoice they did not issue any invoice as well. As law what should we do now.



Not sure, but maybe the agent was trying to hide the profit and not pay tax. If so, you will never receive an invoice, as they’re trying to sweep this money under the table. 

If you want to do something, I suggest you find yourself a solicitor, but that will surely cost you money and likely produce no results. Assuming you’ve just got the property, I can’t recommend engaging disputes, as it might result in worse service than you’re already getting. 

Next time, do a better job at researching your agent and don’t sign anything, until you know who you’re dealing with. For safe agents, you may check with ARLA, or some of the other letting agent associations. 

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