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illegal eviction ?

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Well I’ve just had maybe the worst experience of my life! Last week without any notice what so ever, my landlord burst through the door with his scumbag thug of a son and started moving all my possesions into the street ! He said he needed the house back immediately ! In fact I heard him tell the neighbours it was because I hadn’t told him that I was gay and living with my boyfriend ! (When I moved in I told him it was for me and my partner) he said his religious beliefs couldn’t allow a gay couple in their house. They then threatened with extreme violence !

Am I in the wrong for not telling him ?

not sure what to do as he still hadn’t given me the tenancy agreement 2 months after we moved in, which I asked for on almost a weekly basis.

He still has some of my things in the house but I can’t get them !

I also believe the house was illegally sub let council house, but not sure.

But of course I have no proof of any of this not even proof I lived there !

To be honest I don’t really know where I stand from here So stay away from pitsmore in sheffield !

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Firstly, your eveiction is illegal and if he destroys any of your things he is legally liable for that too. Your sexuality is none of your landlord’s business. I wd get to your local Citizens Advice and tell them what’s happened. You are entitled to stay living there – if that’s what you want – and he must serve you with an S21 eviction notice if he wants you out. Citizens Advice can tell you more – but this is illegal eviction and you have rights. Calling the Police is not always the best thing to do first because many Police Officers assume that the landlord is always right.


Sue this landlord for every penny of your expense and for damages in the small claims court. He has acted illegally and should be punished.


Hi there Richie.

I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you.

Did you call the police and tell them what happened? In that situation, you can at the very least have them retrieve your property that was left in the house and then you have a logged record of the events that occurred. The neighbours knew what what happening and surely an argument like that would have been seen / heard by other neighbours and the police could collect statements, again, proving that you have a case. This man clearly owes you something and the least he deserves is to be pulled to court over what he has done to you.

I’m not entirely sure but I was under the impression that even a verbal contract is binding and therefore if you paid your rent monthly, you would have been entitled to at least 1 month’s notice of eviction.

Hopefully the one good thing that comes from this is that you are now experienced and more guarded. Remember to ALWAYS get your tenancy agreement printed, any correspondence between yourself and your agency / landlord should be in writing so you can prove your case if necessary and you are completely protected.

Contact the police if you have not already done so, and contact your local housing authority and citizen’s advice bureau for more information on your rights.

Keep us updated and the best of luck to you.

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