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In adequate repair to rented property.

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Hello, can anyone on this forum help with my query please. 

I live in a rented 2 bed house, when I moved in the garden consisted of fencing all round with a hinged fully operational gate at the rear also made of garden fencing, about 3 months ago the gate was taken down by harsh wind, my letting agent were informed who in turn requested the landlord carry out a repair. 

The landlord himself attended and fixed it by means of screwing large screws through the gate into the fence post which has fixed the gate permanently shut and taken away our use of the back gate, this is very frustrating as it now means we have to carry our muddy bikes through the house to put them in the shed, also the garden waste wheelie bin was completely full prior to the repair and we would normally have it emptied by wheeling it through the back gate and round our row of houses, the bin is too full to wheel though the house and cannot physically be lifted though the doors at the back of the house without damaging the ledge at the bottom of the doors. 

I have mentioned my concerns to our to our letting agent who are pretty much refusing to assist with this despite the result of poor workmanship the garden gate is no longer fit for operational use, has anyone experienced this before with their letting agent or can anyone advise me on where I stand with this legally?



Hi Sam

Totally understand your frustration- small fixes can often be the most frustrating issues as they often get neglected by agents/landlords.

Whilst the landlord SHOULD fix this properly or pay someone to do so, it doesnt sound promising. By best advice is to ask around to see if any of your friends/colleagues/family memebrs are handy at things like this and see if they can pop over one weekend and help you fix it.

I know this isnt how it should work, but some screws and hinges and (possibly) a little spare wood should cost you more than £10-15 and the labour should be free. This way you get it fixed and you can just get on with enjoying the space. You can try getting the cost of materials back after you’ve fixed it- but expect a ‘no’ that way you wont be disappointed.

Hope that helps.

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