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Income references

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My partner and I are trying to rent a flat with a lettings agency, however although I earn 2.5 times the annual rent for the property, my partner has just graduated (this week) and has not yet secured employment.

The letting agency are claiming that legislation requires both of us to be earning regular money in order for them to allow us to rent the flat,

is this true?

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Hi Meg

Can you ask them what ‘legislation’ they’re referring to? I.e. the name of the law (for example Landlord and Tenant Act 1985) and the specific section that states that both tenants must be employed to be able to sign a tenancy. I’m not an expert but I’ve never heard of that before and I doubt it to be the case. 

It could be that they want two tenants who are both earning – that way if one income fails then there is still the other to rely on. But if so, then why not simply say that.

Ask them about the legislation specifics and then let us know what they say.



Hi Alex,

Yes this is very helpful information and I am most grateful for your response.

I will ask them and let you know.

Also I understand the point about ‘if one income fails’, however I am a full time Senior Lecturer and Director at a University (for the last 20 years) so my work position is pretty secure! and the Agency have had all the references they require from my HR Department and from my Line Manager.

Once again many thanks and I will keep you posted.


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