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Incorrectly Served Notice

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If a property is not managed through a letting agent but the tenant receives a notice on behalf of the landlord to quit the property from a letting agancy is this incorrectly served given this letter was just shoved through the letterbox?

I believe this to be incorrectly served and subject to challenge.

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Hi Benny,

Either the Landlord or their representattive can serve notice according to the termjs set out in your tenancy agreement and the following points:

-Landlords must supply a minimum of 2 months notice in writing to Tenants

-Notice can only be served if the Deposit has been correctly registered and all applicable documents issued to tenants and there is both a valid gas safety certificate & EPC for the property.

AS long as these have been adhered to they have followed their legal requirements and the notice is valid. If not, it is invalid and they must meet all of these cnditions before a valid notice can be issued to you.

Hope that helps.

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