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Increased cleaning fee

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We recently moved out of our flat recently. I got a list of things that they would take money from the deposit to do. One of them was a cleaning fee that we knew about. In the contract we signed when we moved in a year ago the cleaning fee is £150 + VAT, but the estate agent wanted to charge us £210 + VAT. I said it says £150 + VAT in the contract and he replied that prices had gone up, but he would charge only £180 + VAT as a gesture of good will. 

Should I accept this or can I demand that he reduces it to £150 + VAT?

Here is the relevant section of the contract:

79) The property, its fixtures and fittings, including the cleaning of any carpets, curtains (including net curtains), blankets, bedding, upholstery etc. which have become soiled, stained or marked during the Tenancy must be professionally Cleaned at the tenants cost and must be done by Next Property Cleaners at a cost of £150 Plus Vat.

Thanks in advance. 


No, they can’t charge higher. It’s in the contract. The prices might have jumped, but the contract states a fixed price for a fixed service by a pre-decided service provider. It’s that simple. 

Just tell them no and ask which for information about the deposit scheme where the deposit is protected. Ask for the original price £150 + VAT, as agreed. 

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