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Inspection after official move out date?

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My landlady previously, on 5th March, gave written notification to me that my move out date was 31st March 2017 after a phone call when she asked if i could move out early so she could do some maintenance to the property prior to the new tenant moving in.

An hour ago she sent me an email (didn’t even have the decency to phone to discuss) that “Just to let you know that we will be away from 29th March 2017 until 7th April 2017, therefore I cannot do the inspection until Saturday, 8th April 2017.

She knows that I do not drive and am moving to the North of the country from the South and therefore would need to pay the very high train fee to come down and be present at an inspection past the move out date.

I also want readings (Gas, Electric etc.) on the 31st March to not incur the daily charges for bills for 1- 8th April (not to mention increased charges) and so I am not liable for council tax for April.

Is it actually legal to have an inspection so far after the official move out date? Can she charge me for any deposit reduction if I am not present for a final inspection and therefore do not sign a mutual close out inventory agreement?

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What you can do in this position is to do your own inventory, ahead of time, accompanied by photos and even videos if you think they are required to properly condition the property. 

You want to cover the whole property and make sure each item in the move in inventory is reflected. Also take your own gas, water and electricity readings. 

It’s best to do the inventory all digitally, because you want to send it to your landlady on your moving day and state that you will dispute any errors in the check-out report she does on the 8th, if they are in disagreement with your thorough inventory report. 

This way you will protect yourself against any mischief when the landlady does your final inventory without you present in the property. 

When you do send your report in, remember to ask about details for the deposit protection scheme and remind the landlady she needs to return your deposit in 10 days time or open a discussion about deductions. 

Check out our article on inventory reports for more information:

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