Inspection reports conducted by estate agents for landlords-can tenants ask for these? | The Tenants' Voice
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Inspection reports conducted by estate agents for landlords-can tenants ask for these?

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I have recently had an inspection done by my estate agents, however when I asked to see a copy of the report, they told me I was not entitled to see it, as it was for the landlord only. Surely tenants should be informed of the inspection outcome? And it should be highlighted if there are any issues? 


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Hi Jasmin

What does your tenancy say about this? The agent works for the landlord not for you so their obligation is to the landlord and the inspection is for the landlord’s benefit. However, I don’t see what the issue would be in sharing a copy of the report with you (although I’m not sure you have a right to see it as such). If there is an issue then the only serious action the landlord can take is to evict you and proper notice would have to be given for that.

It might be worth carrying out your own inspection, taking photos of anything you think they might have picked up on etc. in case anything is brought up in terms of your damage deposit at the end of the tenancy. And perhaps appeal to the agent’s better nature to ask them to give you the highlights of the outcome of the inspection so that you can take any action as required. You could also contact the landlord direct and ask them to instruct the agent to show you the report so that you can take action if necessary to makes sure the property remains in good condition. Some agents can be very cloak and dagger about this but it really doesn’t have to be that way.



If the landlord want to get his home inspected he has the right to do so but it is absolutely his discretion that whether he want to share the inspection report with the tenant or not. But he can share the same with the tenant and can even share his experience with them. It helps them to find out the possible damages and its quick repair. For any types of water damages he can take assistance of 24 hour water removal company in NYC for fast recovery of damaged assets.  


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