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Insufficient heating through half the house

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i moved into my rented home almost a year ago when the weather was quite mild, the house has an extension which is made up of a kitchen and bathroom on the ground level only.

As it began to get colder outside I noticed the lack of heating in the extended part of the house, the fair size kitchen has no heating at all, the hall leading to an old and poorly insulated wooded back door also has  no heating devise and the fully tiled bathroom, also a fair size, has a tiny, single panelled and heavily over painted radiator which gets very hot to the touch but has no other effect on the temperature of the room.

We have resorted to using an electric fan heater for this winter and have asked the landlord to replace the radiator for next winter and the back door (which currently allows you to see outside whilst closed and locked)

i thought I was being quite reasonable to suffer through this winter with the expectation that these things would be done by next year but my landlord was not as receptive as o had thought and said that thr door is only 2 years old and should not need replacing, especially with a £500 uPVC door and frame and a £200 job to replace the radiator, I had to offer to chip in to achieve any willingness to look at these issues.

i also want to highlight that since moving in I have made many cosmetic and essential improvements with permission at my own expense and have always looked after the property so much so that the landlord said I wax her best tenant to date. 

I just wanted to know my rights and responsibilities and that of my landlord as I feel I am in a very grey area and hope to gain some clarity so I can move forwards confidently.




Your rights in terms of entitlements are to have a property that supports:

” at least 18°C in sleeping rooms, and 21°C in living rooms, when the temperature outside is minus 1°C and it should be available at all times. “

I don’t think that your property goes under than that. Plus, the law doesn’t mention anything about bathrooms and hallways, which are your main concern.

The bottom line is – you have very little legal backing and you need to negotiate with the landlord and seek a win-win resolution. Try to find cheaper quotes or cheaper solutions, like draft excluders, etc. 

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