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I have decided to put this article on the internet because may be there are other people like me suffering years of abuse, harassment and simply because the local authority don’t seem to give a damn about us.


Ever since I move into 24 Northwick park Road Harrow some of my personal belongings have mysteriously disappeared from my room,

When I say personal belongings I mean some articles of clothing including underwear.


An incident occurred one morning, whilst in the shower a man stood in the door way staring at my naked body after roughly 5 to 7 minutes he left. I felt violated and fed up.  I reported the incident to housing ombudsman but he told me it neither his nor the local authority’s responsibilities but I know for a fact that this has happened to other tenants.


A former tenant had his clothing slashed he reported the matter to the live-in manager who did nothing about the matter he didn’t even check the CCTV. The tenant then had to change the locks on his door but the same thing happened again to him. He eventually moved out he was afraid things like drugs and illegal substances were being planted in his room to incriminate him.


Many times I return home I get the feeling that someone was in my room I know it wasn’t the police. If it was the manager searching my room for drugs then I am amazed he didn’t find drugs in another room that the police raided. I couldn’t believe my eyes the room was like a forest with weed plants, this must have been going on for years, so I wonder why was he in my room and not this one that the police raided with the weed farm.

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Hi Lucille

If you possessions are being stolen and you’re suffering harassment then I would call the police rather than the housing ombudsman. Theft and harassment (and stalking) are criminal offences and you’re entitled to call on the police to do something about it. Collect as much proof as you can of these kinds of violations – neighbours who saw someone entering the building when you were out, that kind of thing.

Sometimes, even just going to the police and show someone you’re not prepared to be treated like that.


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