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Inventory fees

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I have found this perfect house to rent and there are all these additional fees attached to it. One of the fees is the inventory fees which is £1010. What is it for and will i get this back when i leave the property. Can I refuse to pay the inventory fee or is it mandotory? 

As well as that, what is the refrencing fee for and why is it per person? shouldn’t it just be the person who is paying for the rental, not the other family occupatns? 



Admin and referencing fees are standard- all tenants (adults) on a contract should (in best practise) always be referenced. However, I have never heard of an Inventory fee of £1010- are you sure thats not the Security Deposit?

Regardless- agents can apply any additional fees they wish HOWEVER under UK law they must disclose any fees applicable to your tenancy in advance (i.e. before you pay a deposit)- in fact, by law, they are required to state these on all property listings, on their website and in print in their offices.

As long as you are notified of the fees it is then your choice whether or not you wish to proceed with the tenancy. If you choose to, then you have agreed to pay those fees and must do so.

Hope that helps

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