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Inventory not carried out before I moved in

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I was told, upon receiving the keys to my rented flat, that the check in clerk had ‘forgotten’ to attend and so no inventory or check in was carried out. It actually turns out that my landlord never booked a check in or inventory to be carried out. Now, nearly a month later he is trying to send a check in clerk around to conduct an inventory. However, it is an unfurnished flat – all furniture in it belongs to me. I’m being told by my landlord’s agent that the inventory will ‘state the exact condition of the property when you moved in and therefore we can avoid any confusion when you move out in terms of damage etc.’ But any inventory conducted now wouldn’t state the exact condition as the flat has been lived in for a month… So, my question is, do I have to let the landlord carry out this late inventory report or can I argue that there is no point in doing it?


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Hello Dan, 

The inventory is important because when you decide to move out, it will play an integral role in assessing whether YOU caused any damage to the property that should be discounted from your deposit. 

Doing a move in inventory on an unfurnished property a month after, when the tenants have already moved in with their furniture, appliances and luggage would do little to determine the original condition of the property, mostly because half of the surface is already covered in stuff.

I typically advise EVERY tenant do to their own inventory just prior to moving in, just to have SOME proof of how you received the property. In reality, you, as a tenant, don’t really NEED a move in inventory. Your deposit belongs to you by default – it’s YOUR money, not the landlord’s. Thus, it’s the landlord who has to PROVE you cause any damage / deterioration to claim anything out of your deposit. 

So, it’s the landlord who will benefit in having a benchmark of the condition prior to you moving in. They have not done so, and like to fix it, but it’s already too late. The inventory will be inconclusive at best and can’t be seriously taken as proof by any dispute resolution service.

In your place, I will allow them to do it (not allowing access will cause a further problem and tighten the relationship), but straight out reject it’s validity. Make sure to do it in writing and as a comment under the inventory, as they will ask you to sign it upon completion. 

While you’re at it, check if your tenancy deposit is protected. A landlord who forgot the inventory will likely forget the deposit as well. Download our guide here:

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