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irresponsible landlord for repairing

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my landlord is a very irresponsible couple. when things not working they promise to repair but always make it fixed after a month or more. and they even leave our front and back garden full of rubbish for over 3 month which they promised to clean the first day we move in. and they are decorating their new house right now. they required to place some furnish in my living room for a week which i agreed but they have been leaving these stuff for almost two months and every time we asked when to move the furnish they gave a vague answer, last night my roommate ask it again, and the landlord ask her to leave the house and return the deposit, and i was mad about it and claimed to leave as well and they said the same thing and asked who else want to leave and they will return the deposit as well. the other roommates also want to leave . but today morning the landlord go back for what they said yesterday. they say that the deposit of the first one is refundable cause she is asked to leave by them, but they cant return the deposit to the rest 3 of us cause we ask to leave ourselves. what should i do, i am a overseas student having no money for lawyer and i dont know where i can ask for help.

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There are a number of places you can go for help, including Shelter, Citizens Advice and a local law centre. You can also speak to someone at the university and ask for their help – perhaps the student union?

Have a look at your tenancy and when you can give notice – do you have a break clause you can activate and when does the tenancy come to an end?

Your deposit is to pay for any damage that you do to the property so your landlord is wrong. You do need to make sure that you have a right to leave the property, either because you have given the correct notice or because the landlord has agreed but as long as that has been done properly then your deposit can’t be touched. Has your landlord protected your deposit? It must legally have been protected with one of the government deposit protection schemes (and the landlord is legally obliged to tell you which one) – if not then you can claim the entire deposit back from the landlord, as well as 1-3 times the amount in compensation. If your deposit isn’t protected then it might be worth saying to the landlord that you will be making a claim against them if they don’t return the deposit – again, speak to someone at Citizens Advice or your university if you want some support over this – there is also more information here.

In terms of the furniture, have a look and see if the furniture is mentioned in the inventory (presumably it isn’t). If not then it doesn’t need to be there when you leave in order for you to receive your full deposit back. Point that out to the landlord and say if the furniture isn’t gone within five days then you will remove it yourselves. I’m not a lawyer so check that with Citizens Advice is you have any concerns. You can also contact the council if you feel that the furniture is causing a fire hazard.

Hope that helps


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