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Is there special laws for mentaly disabled person

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I am being evicted unfairly because other older residents have been bullying me.  I suffer from depression and could not handle it so i told the Court Manager who in turn defended the bullies and I have now been serrved with a section 21 notice.  Does anyone know who I can turn to to fight this please?

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Hi Kath

I’m sorry to hear that, it sounds like a very difficult situation. Unfortunately, the only way your section 21 notice will be invalid is if the landlord hasn’t protected your deposit, the notice has a mistake on it or it doesn’t comply with requirements such as giving you two months notice (there’s more info here on invalid section 21 notices). I’m not sure whether you might have a case on the basis of discrimination – perhaps speak to someone at Citizens Advice or your local law centre and they might be able to give you some guidance? Shelter is also a great charity to speak to if you’re struggling with housing and finding it a bit overwhelming.

I hope you find somewhere better to live soon.


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