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Is this Agent trying to screw me over ?

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I’m trying to rent a particular house with my girlfriend but the agent is tricky.

When we spoke about it at their office we (verbally) agreed at £650 Rent and £1300 Deposit. In the tenancy agreement

they’ve sent us through e-mail after the meeting the rent was £750 & £1500 deposit. I’ve sent it back and they said it was an error blah blah

and they’ve sent a new one …

I may be paranoid but now this concerns me:

“At the end of the Tenancy
2(k) The Agent must tell the tenant as soon as is practicable following the end of the
Tenancy if they propose to make any deductions from the Deposit.
2(l) If there is no dispute the Agent will keep or repay the Deposit, according to the agreed
deductions and the conditions of the Tenancy Agreement. Payment of the Deposit or any
balance of it will be made as soon as is practicable of the Landlord and Tenant agreeing
the allocation of the Deposit.
2(m) The Tenant should inform the Agent in writing if the Tenant intends to dispute any of
the deductions regarded by the Landlord or the Agent as due from the Deposit within 10
days after the termination or earlier ending of the Tenancy and the Tenant vacating the
Property. …”

Souldn’t it say they have to pay me back the deposit within a fixed period of time (i.e. 20 days) instead

of “as soon as is practicable” the same way I have to inform them within 10 days if I intend to dispute any of
the deductions ?

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The agent is required to return the undisputed part of the deposit within 10 days, so ensure you send an email on the last day of the tenancy.

I wouldn’t worry about that wording, as if you have to inform them if you dispute their deductions within 10 days of the end of the tenancy, it is implicit that they will advise you of any within that period anyway.




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