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is this legal?

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hi all,

I am currently in dispute with deductions from my deposit, I received an e-mail today in which I was given a receipt of the undisputed deposit, we haven’t agreed to the proposed deductions as if I’m honest I feel they are trying to rip us off an charge us for cleaning when there is no need an we have photographs to prove this and when asked where in these photos the issue are there was just diverting the conversation. However the email I received today with receipt of deposit was all deductions even though we haven’t agreed an are disputing paying 300 to clean a one bedroom flat, however there is also £60 missing, we have not been informed of why this deduction was made and in fact the receipt did not have a breakdown of deductions just the amount what they’ve paid us, is this legal? We have not accepted these deductions and are disputing these issues however 60 quid is still missing an not been paid , can we also still take this to the deposit protection scheme if the have paid some back?


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Yes, raise a dispute provided it was protected properly. Do you know if it was? Let us know if not, and we can help claim compensation 


thanks for your reply, it is protected through a scheme however I don’t know if because we’ve received some of it back we can still dispute, the amount we’ve been given back has 60 more taken out then what we are disputing, we haven’t been informed on why this has been charged an I didn’t know if legally they can just deduct without explaining why?

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