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Is this legit?

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I’ve rented a flat privately via a letting agency for the past 3.5 years.  My rental payments were always on time or slightly early until 3 months ago, when I became ill.  I’m now 6 weeks behind with my rent.  On Friday 20th May I had a Section 21 notice shoved into my letterbox.  My rent falls due on 20th each month.  The S21 notice is dated 20th May and says I must leave by 18th July.  I spoke to Shelter previously and I’m sure they said you have to be given two full months from the date of the end of a tenancy period or something like that.

Does anyone know the law around this?  I’m not well enough to move yet.  What happens if I don’t vacate on 18th July?  Letting agent said if I don’t he will bring police officers to forcibly remove me.


Hi Anti- your tenancy agreement will set out the terms of notice and how it can be issued. Under UK law S21s must be served with at least 2 months prior notice and they appear to have adhered to that. From the information supplied it doesnt appear that they have done anything wrong- I cant advise any more accurately without seeing your tenancy agreement.

Hope that helps- Kristjan

Service provider

I have known applications for possession based on sect 21 be struck out as the period of notice given was not two full months. Notice served on 20th May should expire on 20th July I would have thought. 18th is not two full months on my calender anyway. 

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