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Is this website fair?

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Is this website in fact geared up in favour of landlords as oppossed to tenants?

Is this website used as a portal for landlords  or agents to make

misleading replys to questions raised by tenants ?.

And does this website then not allow the tenant (that posted the original question),  to post a corrective responce to the misleading answer?

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This web site seems fair, it provides a forum for tenants who don’t have a clue and usually have an axe to grind and benefit from advice from other tenants, landlords & agents with good advice, most of the time, well some of the time.


As it’s usually me answering the forum and community questions, I’m interested in why you think why we might be unfair. 
Just to make sure it has been said, we’re not a front for any organization and definitely not landlord and letting agents. 
We provide advice to tenants and focus our efforts to help tenants lead a better life on rent, but we are fair towards the rules, rights and responsibilities of every tenant, landlord and letting agent. 
Sometimes tenants are very unreasonable in their expectations and expect us to resolve their problem regardless of any circumstances. We can’t do that. We can merely share our experience and provide reasonable advice that follows the rules and laws. 
Sometimes, that makes tenants unhappy, but it’s all me and the team can do. 

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