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Issues with carpet

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I have bee living with a couple for 5 years. Now I am moving out. They have a contract with landlord, not me. Basically they were subletting me a room. Very small room. Because I damaged the carpet in my room and I wanted to leave my room in good conditions when mooving out, I decided to replace the carpet. A guy from agency agreed if it will be like the one that is used in other rooms. I visited some shops and ordered samples to find the best carpet matching the old one. The one I bought is not the same as the one in other rooms, but it is very similar. It’s not like black vs white or red and blue, so no big deal.

Now the problem is that agency want me (us) to replace the new carpet by another just because it is not same as the old one. I payed deposit to my friends and not to agency. What do you think? Is it reasonable to ask me to replace a brand new carpet and pay for another new one just becauss of small difference in colours? Like nothing major like B&W. I think they can’t expect new carpet to be like old one after 5 or 12 years. Who should pay far the new one if agency is not happy. I think I should get my deposit back as I left room in good condition.

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Long story short – the agency is very unreasonable to ask for this. 

You have made their life a breeze by being a responsible tenant and pro-actively improving the condition of the property before check-out bringing the quality up to what it was, if not better. 

The small differences in colour are just the agency trying to make a last jab at you. 

You forgot to say if you did a good clean before you moved, which could be bothering the agency, but after replacing the carpet, I’m going to trust that you’re also a clean person. 

In any case, you should stand your position and request your full deposit to be returned. The couple should also stand on your side and demand a better treatment by  the agency. 

Otherwise, you may check out our articles on subletting for more info on the legal bits:


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