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issues with landlord/agent

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so i have a couple of questions. 

1, this morning my letting agent turned up with a man to make an annual boiler check. We were given notice via a text message 3 hours before their arrival and, because i work late in a kitchen, woken up from much needed sleep. The text basically said that she was on her way over to get our boiler checked and that if we didnt reply or we were’nt in she would use her key to let herself in, this made me very uncomfortable largley because i didnt see the check as an emergency. When I told the letting agent that she had given insufficiant notice she just said this needs to be done so eventually i reluctantly gave her access to the flat. My question is does a boiler safety check constitute an emergency and if so what else does?

2, after having signed my contract i was told that i’d receive it in the post a short while after having moved in and after neraly two weeks i havnt seen it. Is this normal? I’m worried that i wont get the origonal copy and that the terms may have been altered.

Thanks for reading and many more for answers!! 🙂

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Hi Adam

You’re meant to get 24 hours notice and it seems probable that something that can be pre-planned like a gas safety check isn’t an emergency (a fire would be an emergency). Sounds more like it was the most convenient time for the agent….here’s some more info on agent/landlord access.

You should definitely have a copy of your tenancy agreement – your agents don’t sound particularly on the ball so it may just be a case of getting on their case until they send it to you.  If needs be you could turn up at their office and wait until one is printed off – usually two copies of the tenancy is signed and one given to each party on the moving day so it is a bit unusual. Although may be nothing to worry about. You should have initialed each page of the tenancy so look for the marks on each page if you’re worried about changes being made post signing.

Hope that helps!


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