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Items missing/stolen

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We are sitting in tenants and house has been on market for a while. We went on holiday in december. Before going on holiday I sent couple of emails to our agents to check whether they would take full responsibility of house contents if they were to visit the property for house viewings. The emails were ignored, however while we were away the agents visited the property for viewing without permission.They have accepted that they visited the property. When we came back we were missing gold jewelry. 

I have contacted the police but they say that since house was not broken into it is not buglary case. And the agents have said it is a matter for insurance company and refuse to take responsibility for house contents.

Any advise would be highly appreciated.

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Is there any insurance in place that can cover the jewellery ? 

If all fails, I think you have a case for the courts there, but you really have to consult with a solicitor:

  • Agents need to request access at least 24 hours before coming to visit;
  • This needs to be served in writing to the address, however, you have warned them you’re not in town and have inquired about them visiting the property, which has been ignored;
  • The agents then visit the property with unknown people, who have had the chance to visit every room and look around / snoop around;
  • These visitors, if left unattended to browse, like it happens many times could have easily stolen something without the agent realising;
  • The visitors and their actions are the responsibility of the letting agent, as they have let them and themselves in against the rules;
  • You have not had a chance to secure your valuable possessions as you have been out of town (gave notice) and have not been warned about a visit taking place. 

I think this may be a base for a claim about “professional negligence” or whatever the courts call it. 

However, please, check our resources section and find yourself a licensed solicitor – I am not one – and get a consultation. 

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