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I've asked for records of payment for my rent

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Hi all,

I’ve asked to greene&co west hampstead agent VERITY STURT record of payments done for the 1bedroom flat I rent; this is her answer:

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with rent receipts as this is only something we can do for our clients which is the LANDLORD. Rent books are provided to tenants who pay rent weekly and not monthly. This is general legislation which you’re more than welcome to look into for yourself.

How can I exige this type of receipts from them?

Any tips? I have the strong feeling there’s a racism matter behind all conversations I have with this person. They always act as I should be aware about the law here in  UK…

Thanks in advance for your help


Dear Alexandre,

I have never heard of an agent decline a request for Rent Receipts. Most agents have a software which would make this really quite simple. Agents ARE entitled to charge an admin fee for the aupply of such documents but that is it. It is also my understanding that, under the Freedom of Information Act, you are entitled to request any documentation and information held by a company about you. Again, they are entitled to charge a fee for the admin involved, but this must be reasonable and they must supply this information by law.

That said, your bank statements should act as a Rent Receipt ledger. It sounds to me like the agent is just being lazy!

Hope that helps.

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