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Ive been served a section 21

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i hope someone can help

i have been served with a section 21 notice by the letting agents.

I have been in the property for 4 years.

i have until the 27th of Aug to leave

At present i am not behind on my rent.

Upon reading up on the legalities of section 21 notices, i have found out about deposits.

I paid a deposit of £750 prior to moving in and have never been given confirmation of the deposit being deposited in a government scheme. 

Would the notice be a valid one??



Hi Ricky,

If your depost has not been registered and cretified (and of so- why havent you resolved this sooner) then the notice served by the agent is not valid.

Current UK law states that the deposit must be registered for a Landlord/Agent to be able to legally serve a Section 21 notice.

By failing to register your deposit, you could be entitled fpr up to x3 the deposit value in compensation- however some Tenants arent fussed about ‘punishing’ their Landlord like this, they jst want their deposit protected as required by UK Law.

I would ensure you deposit is properly registered. However, obnce they have done this, they will be legally entitled to serve you 2 months written notice in the form of a Section 21 notice. However, this is not an ‘eviction’ this is a stnadrd legal notice to terminate a tenancy agreement. Standard procedure when things are done properly.

Hope that helps

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