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Just moved in - All requests Ignored, what can i do?

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I have been living in my newly rented flat 3 weeks now. I have heard nothing from the landlord, no response of any kind.

I have itemised many different basic requests that we have requested but we are just repeatedly ignored. The agent simply tells us that he has provided the requests to the landlord.

The house was pretty dirty from the previous tenants with just superficial cleaning. The carpets are in a teriible state and the kitchen had nothing in it after they moved out except some plates and odd broken kitchen utensils. This was all detailed on the check in document.

Below is what we are asking for, nothing particaulary major.

I dont expect him to agree to everything, but most of the items as you may see, are not negotiable.

What options do I have?

The requests are as follow

1. The bedroom carpets need to be wet machine cleaned
2. Respond to the request regarding the inventory item request: Microwave, Kettle, a cooking pot with lid and a large baking tray
3. Remove TV and DVD player. (This was requested before we moved in) We can arrange to have this removed by the council for disposal. But it does not belong to us
4. 3 Glass shelves in the living area need to be properly fitted and fixed. They are currently unsafe and we definitely require the storage capacity
5. 2 damaged down lights in the upstairs shower need re-fitting
6. Shower room thermostat is broken and requires repair. Only dispenses very hot water, or scalding hot water
7. We would like to install a coat rack on the wall opposite the main door, will this be possible please? (we will procure the coat rack)
8. Please add a window blind to the en-suite bathroom. We can’t use the lavatory without being visible externally
9. We also looking to add shelves in the hallway, next to the electric meter and also above the bedroom door on the adjacent wall. Please can you confirm we have permission to do this
10. Please repair the doorbell
11. En-suite bathroom – The sink tap needs to be properly fitted. Very loose and likely to break
12. The extractor fan needs to be re-fitted in the ensuite-bathroom
13. Please provide the electrical safety check documentation
14. Add the cupboard damage under the kitchen sink to the inventory check in document
15. Please provide a copy of the gas safety documentation
16. Provide the countersigned contract for the tenancy
17. Lastly, can you confirm if the gas fire places in the flat are all disabled and if not, please let us know how they function so that we don’t inadvertently turn them on

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