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Just moved in need advice please

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need some urgent advice please, we have just moved in 4days ago,

house was empty for 7 days and has had some dam treatment done in bedrooms just walls.

The house carpets havent been professionally cleaned or even clean by the previous tenant, we noticed this we did the inventory check in, the oven was also not cleaned, the LL was told about this moving in day.

On moving in we notice the the upstairs carpets have a really bad wearing tear, they are very thin, and also very strong smell of damp, there not wet they just stink.

The LL has put in a vent to help air the place out this was put in the week before we moved. 

We are also doing are best to air the house out,

but my partner is so unhappy here already as there are more issues coming up, and were only in day 4.

My partner and I don’t know where we stand if the things we said in the inventory don’t change!

We have said that the stained carpet is liveable but just upstairs are not. 

They say That this is a investment but what are the investing into?

I would just like to know what grounds we have if things don’t improve  

And is there a cooling off period if your not happy with the inventory out come.

Please leave any info would be great just need to know where we stand many thanks In advanced.

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In this situation, you need to make a thorough report for the condition of the property and what you demand being done first in order to meet livable conditions. If your landlord doesn’t begin the work in a reasonable period (2 weeks), you have to contact your landlord and give them a final warning before you complain to the environmental health department at your local council.

Damp can be considered a health hazard if you or any of your family has respiratory problems. 

They will enforce the living standards to your landlord and serve them a notice of mandatory improvements before the case is considered resolved. Otherwise, your landlord may suffer a fine. 

Make sure to photograph everything thoroughly and write down an accurate description of the conditions inside the property. This will be useful in case the dispute goes to formal arbitrage. 

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