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Just Moved in, not happy with a few things. Am I justified?

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Hey Everyone,

Looking for some guidance, I’ve just moved into a property which is being managed by a lettings agency.

Soon as we got in we noticed a funky, mould like smell in the kitchen. It seems to be coming from the cupboard under the sink. I’ve uploaded a pic for reference: http://imgur.com/BqSZT4w

I’ve been told by FIL that there should be a valve where that foil is. He also told me the smell is probably coming from the U bend there and that it may need flushing out.

If thats the case, should it be the letting agency/landlord who should fix that? Should I add it to the inventory? Why should I have to pay to remove a horrid smell from a house i’m paying £700 a month for???

The second issue I have is the previous tenants seem to have left a compost bag full of dog dirt in the back yard. This is even visible on the photos the agent took when doing the inventory and they havent bothered to remove it! It’s vile. Here is a pic: http://imgur.com/6J1NrrF

Surely i’m justified in asking the agents to come and remove this disgusting pile of sh*t (literally). I can’t believe this wasnt done before we moved in tbh…

Also, the property comes with a garage and the agents dont know where the key is (presumeably still with the old tenants which is worrying)

All in all, a bit of a shambles. They have given me a copy of the inventory so i’m going to go round and add every tiny bit of damage to it then return it to them with pics. They made me sign the inventory in the LA when we got the keys but am i right in thinking we have 7 days to return ours with any additions.

Sorry for all the questions but i’ve never rented before and its alla  bit overwhelming :S

Cheers Guys,


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Hi Matt,

Yes you should ask the agent to sort out the problems. Put it in writing (email is fine).

If the garage is part of the tenancy and you don’t have use of it, you can ask for a reasonable refund for the time you are without it. Check what the going rate in your area is for renting a garage.

You have a reasonable period (7 days is considered reasonable) to check and agree the inventory. Suggest you take a copy and again ask in writing for the agent to confirm receipt of the amended copy. You could photograph it and email to them.

It’s also a good idea to take additional photographs of any damage or video the whole property.



I agree, also ask for the s**t to be removed within 7 days, or you will employ someone to remove it and take it off the rent.

Look at the responsibilities of the landlord in your agreement, and you should see that the landlord has responsibility for you quiet and safe tenancy.

The landlord can employ a locksmith to sort the garage out.

Often these things can be sorted out but you must make known your issues in writing as well as verbally.

Write your points on the inventory as issues that need rectifying.  That document will be agreed by the agent or landlord so you then have a document that supports your case.

Make a copy before sending back.

If nothing seems to be getting done then I would visit the agents office in peak time and in a loud voice ask for the things to be sorted.

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