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Kitchen Responsibilities

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I’m new to this forum, so if I do something wrong please advise me the correct process and accept my apologies. I could use some advice, I am a 47 year old female and I have lived in the same rented property my entire life, my parents moved in here approximately 50 years ago. Because renting property was different back then, I have no tenancy aggreement, we do have a rent book, we currently have no arrears and, I would say we are good tenants, there is no deposit on this property, again due to one not being required at the time. The tenancy is in my fathers name, but he is now 78, and unable to deal with the house and tenancy, and my Mum, who would have originally dealt with everything, passed away three years ago, so it has fallen to me.

50 years ago, the house was unfurnished, the kitchen contained nothing but a sink, and the house needed decorating, again because of the times, my parents decorated the house and put in kitchen cupboards etc. The house is now in a state of disrepair, and I have been requesting repairs, but they rarely get fixed unless its an emergency, such as a recent water leak, or if I’m asking for about the th time, but because I am disabled and a carer for my father, I usually give up requesting things after about  or 3 times, and just live with it.

Today I sent a letter to my landlords/agents and outlined the things that need doing, and accompanied it with photographs of damage or disrepair, there were  points on the list, but, my the agents tend not to do much for us, as we have protected rent status, so they obviously don’t make as much out of the property as they could, being as its a large 3 bedroom end terrace house.

So as I don’t have an agreement, what can I get them to do? One of the biggest problems is the kitchen, a 2nd hand fitted kitchen was put in by my brother around 30 years ago, as he was a kitchen fitter at the time, before that we had some free standing units that my parents purchased. The kitchen units are falling off the wall, doors are hanging off, shelves collapse if I put tins on them, so I can only store light weight stuff in them, one cupboard fell completely off the wall, and I now use a small bookcase and a dvd unit to stack my crockery on, I have pointed out these points in my letter, and asked for the kitchen to be repaired, is this something they are responsible for? I am not expecting a brand new fitted kitchen, in fact if they fixed the doors and put some shelves up I’d be happy, I am not able to do diy stuff myself, due to my own health problems, and do not have anyone i can ask, I am also only in reciept of benefits and my dads pension, so I’m not in a position to pay someone to do it.

Lastly, about a year ago, the landlord carried out some damp coursing around the front of the house, before the rooms were dated, but nicely decorated, and they told us it was down to us to redecorate and foot the biil for the materials, I looked this up, and believed that this wasn’t the case, so they then said they would look into paying for the materials and us doing the work, this hasn’t happened, and I believe that if the decorating needs doing because of repairs or maintenance that they carried out, that they are responsible for redecorating. Is that correct?

I’m not very good at dealing with people and get put off and walked over easily, so would really like to know what I’m legally entitled to, before I try and put my foot down.

I would really appreciate any help and/or advice offered, thank you.


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Hi Sarah,

Given the historical nature of your tenancy accurate and useful advice will be very hard to find. I have been in the property industry for nearly 20 years and would not know where to start.

My first advice would be to go and visit your local CAB- Citizens Advice Bureau- to obtain free legal advuce from them and then progress from there. You can try approcahing Shelter but, again, whilst they can be a great resource, I dont expect them to have the specialist knowledge to assist in this case.

Given the unique nature of your situation I would advise reaching out top Tessa Shepperson of the Landlord Law Blog who loves to write case studies on individual and unique cases. She might revel the opportunity to advise on such a rare case these days. It’s worth a shot!

Hope that helps and good luck- please let us know how you get on and if any of this helps you?

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