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Kitchen up grade

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Hello there my landlord thinks it quite ok not to tell me his plans on taking out a wall in the kitchen and then replacing all fittings ect …

His builder arrived today ( I was not notified) and drilled holes in the wall I asked when was major work going to start? He told me this SUNDAY !! I could not believe this & that the landlord has not told me. I am now very angry and I want to move out – rent due on the 1st Feb 

What is there I can do ?? Do I have any rights??


First of all relax. Fury doesn’t help deal with your landlord better, trust me. 

Now you have to tell us more information about your tenancy, when did you move in ? ; are you still in your fixed term ? ; 

In any case, you can’t move out without giving at least one month notice if in periodic tenancy or waiting for your fixed term to expire. 

Have you contacted the landlord ? What did they tell you ? 

The minimum notice required for visits is 24h. For major renovations, your landlord has to discuss this with you first before proceeding with the work. You’re fully entitled to deny access to the builders on Sunday and any further day, without having a discussion with your landlord first. 

Read more on our article about access:

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