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Broadband connection is not provided in the propery.I realised after I moved in.

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I ve just moved in a flat in Horley and neighbours informed me that broadband internet is not provided. The cables for internet have been installed in the building but the whole building has not been connected to the external box.The reason for thos problem is that box can be accessible via an adjacent property and the owners of the property denies to give permission.the isssue has been to court but will take time to be resolved.

I am a proffessional depending on broadband internet to work from home and this blocks my ability to work, makes me stressed and has a severe impact in my well being.I asked the agency verbally for the broadband connection and via email as I started a contract with sky ltd which I will pay now without having internet.I consider that agency gave me inaccurate information about the property as they didn’t informed me about internet connection issues in advance.

Agency is called JAMESDEAN, management is up to landlady and I have moved in since 25th of May.What is your advice?What procedure should I follow either to break the contract as soon as possible if the internet issue is not provided?

Thank you for your help.

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Konstantina- if you can prove the agency was aware of the issue before (then) lying to you, then you will have a case agaunst them. However, most agents wont usually know the inner working of a property and its suppliers.

As for Sky, they cannot legally charge you for a service you cant receive. What about another operator such as BT through your phone line? OR, failing that, the cable free relish service?

Hope that helps- Kristjan

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