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Lack of Agreement so no housing benefit - what to do?

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I’ve lived in a block of 6 flats for 3 and a half years.  It was a first floor flat. I’m disabled and have always found the stairs too much but to move to somewhere else, providing I could find somewhere is out of my affordability, you need at least £1,500 up front so when a tenant in a ground floor flat moved out in Feb I approached landlord who said yes of course you can, no problem.  I had to clean the place, well I got my sons and a friend to help but the place was grim, it needed completely redecorating, drying out, etc etc, you get the picture… so I moved down on the 16th April, having ensured the first floor flat I had moved from was absolutely spotless, I’d even painted areas where there were marks.

So I asked for a new agreement, obviously to take to council to get the HB help.  he dropped a 42 page document in about 2 weeks ago, full of errors and clauses which are not legally correct.  I returned it to him, unsigned with a letter pointing out the errors and saying if he corrected the mistakes I would sign it.  the original agreement I signed in 2012 was done through an agent and was only 7 pages long which has served perfectly well so have produced a copy of it and in view of the lack of an amended agreement from him I dropped it in at the beginning of this week, he only lived yards away from the block of flats. I have had no communication from him, the rent, which I don’t have, is due in 5 days but I don’t have it as no HB – what do I do, do I have any rights can he enter the flat whilst I am out and move my belongings out as no agreement?The new tenant in the upstairs flat in the 3 weeks or so he’s been there has managed to get the bathroom to leak somehow as I have water pouring down the wall in the bedroom, its damaged beyond repair my laptop, I’ve written to landlord, he’s been round, taken photo’s but done nothing, last night the water was running down the wall all along the ceiling… Am stressed and the situation is really making me ill to the point I don’t want to go home and when I am there I can’t sleep……..

Can anyone advise me on what if anything I can do, thank you – I’ve sent copy’s of all letters and the 42 page monster already to the council so they can see I am trying to get new agreement but HB has stopped.. FEEL VERY VUNERABLE at 53 years old and finding it harder to cope with disabilities….

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He certainly can’t kick you out.  An unwritten assured shorthold tenancy agreement currently exists. I suggest you speak to Citizens Advice. You may also get some useful advice from the forum on

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