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Lack of Hot Water

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I currently have no hot water in my flat. The landlord had the boiler repaired during the day. However, the radiators require a powerflush as water cannot circulate within the system. The landlord paid British Gas for the powerflush but there is a significant time before British Gas can perform the work and they refuse to prioritise it. I don’t have a landline so have spent £20 phoning British Gas. They have cancelled two appointments. It has now been two months where I do not have heating or hot water. What are my options here? Am I just at the mercy of British Gas?

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Hi Sean

I lived in a property that required a powerflush but the heating and hot water still worked while we waited for it to be done so is it definitely the case that the heating and hot water won’t work at all in the meantime? Sorry if that sounds patronising, I’m just surprised that British Gas would leave you for two months without heat and hot water. I’m also a bit surprised that the landlord has paid in advance for the power flush – I thought these things were normally billed for afterwards. Is it worth checking all of this again with BG just to make sure? Of course you may already have done so.

If you have, then I would ask the landlord to make a complaint to British Gas asap (the landlord is the paying customer) and threaten to take action against them if they don’t act faster – at least to carry out some kind of temporary fix so you can use the heating and hot water in the meantime. The complaint can also be taken to the Ombudsman who can award compensation and that’s something BG normally want to avoid – they seem to take their complaints seriously. I would imagine that the contract the landlord has with BG must have something in it about a continuous supply of heat and hot water.


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