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Landlady doesn't own washing machine - repairs - tenancy almost up

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Hi, hope someone else has some experience with this kind of thing! My 18 month tenancy has been a bit nightmarish, including the landlady leaving my flat without a usable bathroom for a week over xmas (I was away, but still paying rent!) as well as countless other annoying things.

Yesterday my washing machine broke, it now will not drain although the rest of the cycle seems OK so I suspect a blocked pipe. It’s far too heavy to move out and check it myself. When I moved in the landlady said she doesn’t provide a washing machine as part of the furnishing, a previous tenant had bought and left it so if it broke that would be on me. I accepted that as the flat was otherwise good (I thought!) but now I am moving out very soon and don’t have much money to spare, I slightly begrudge paying expensive repairs for something I probably won’t even use before I leave. Can I reasonably leave it broken since neither she nor I own it? Seems unfair on the new tenant but surely if it’s not technically “provided” in the flat, I don’t have to fix it? I’m really in a tight spot money-wise (hence moving out) and would appreciate any advice! Thank you.

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I think that if you leave it broken, the landlady can require you to dispose of it. 

You can try posting it online and giving it away for free to somebody who wants to repair it and use it for themselves or sell at their pleasure. However, you need to negotiate with the landlady first, to make sure you doing the right thing. 

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