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Landlady harassment for payment already paid

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I have a question. My son is a student and lives in a shared house with five other students. They each pay £500 a month with bills on top. This month my sons landlady sent my son an email saying he owed £2000 in unpaid rent threatening solicitors etc. my son was natural worried and upset by the situation not sleeping at all. He has all the evidence bank statements which he has shown her but she says she hasn’t got the money she says that’s the wrong number. My son has emails where she has changed her bank details several times. Where does my son stand? Also where can I report her too she is collecting £ 3000 a month from these students and the house is not exactly a mansion!!! 

Very annoyed Mum


Hi Tracey

Does your son have an email or letter from the landlady with the bank details that he used? You need to establish where that bank account came from and who it now belongs to. If the account exists and is in her name (i.e. she has the money and is lying about it) then this could be some kind of fraud. You should report it to the bank too – if the money has gone to the wrong person then you need to try and get it back.

If the account number is wrong because your son got it wrong then he is still liable for the rent and you’d have to pay that now and then try to get the money back from whoever has it.

If the account number is wrong because the landlord got it wrong and you can prove that then – arguably (although I’m not a lawyer) – the whole thing is her fault.

In terms  of reporting the landlord, Shelter runs a rogue landlord campaign that you might be able to report her too. You could also look for a local student body and see if they have a landlord blackllst to add her too. Other than that unfortunately there isn’t a body that polices landlords in the UK as far as I’m aware.


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