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Landlady just doesnt acknowledge repairs

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I keep reporting to my landlady that the dryer is faulty.. her response was to come round and take a look at it while I was out.  when I got home I found the dryer taped up and sharpie markered with DO NOT USE.  She basically told me that a dryer was actually a luxury in life and she had no interntion of replacing or repairing it.  Ive chased her up numerous times about this and some faulty wiring in the kitchen which she sent round an electrician just to disconnect not repair – caught him and said no that it must be repaired so we have an empass. I have dangerous wiring sje just wants to disconnect it.

She just wont repair it…. and wont answer me. But the dryer in on my fixtures and fittings so its down to her.

I explained the flat is a small first floor flat and I cant get kids clothes dry easily especially in winter months… that was the drawon renting this place over others.

What do I do?…. How can I make her do it?!

Exasberated working Mum.


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Hello Vanya, 

The best route to go for is to send her three letters (a few days apart) to inform her of all required repairs in the property and demand action taken. Put more focus on faulty wiring and make it sounds as serious a hazard as you can. Make sure to check for more faults, like unprotected deposit or expired gas safety certificate. A bad landlord is likely to be bad in more than one way. 

The third letter, tell her to either take action or you’re going to report her to the council. The gas safety certificate and bad wiring can easily get her into trouble with the council, if you’re convincing enough. 

If you’re lucky, she’ll get on with repairs. If not, you can really contact the council and see what they can do about it. 

Here are some links for you:

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