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landlady taking photos without our permission

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Can the land lady take photos of the pRoperty without our knowledge? This landlady came on the pretext of fixing the washing machine and took a brief look at our place and sent us a mildly threatening email to evict us over our kitchen habits saying that it is in poor condition and that she will use the article 21 against us if we don’t comply to her requests raised in the email. 


Hi Wendy- aslong as the Landlord had consent for access and is not publicly sharing these photos she can take photos as evdence. By the sound of it the kitchen was a bit of a state and she was upset by that. You do have an obligation to keep the property in a clean and tidy condition at all times. Whilst we can all be messy, to leave a mess knowing your Landlady is coming round is not the wisest of ideas.

With that said, it is difficult to evict a tenant for being messy. This would be a breach of contract and, unless you agree to surrender the tenancy, would have to be a matter for the courts to decide. As for a S21, this can only be served in line with the contract and the legal framework- however, if the tenancy and laws permit this to be served, that is her right.

My advice would be to clean up, keep it clean and send her some nice photos to show this and reassure her this is not a normal condition. Try and put yourself in her shoes- would you be happy to see your property in the state she saw it?

Hope that helps- Kristjan

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