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Landlady using my deposit on home furnishing?

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Left a rental property 3 weeks ago and did a hand over with the agent. He said all was ok except a scratch on the wallpaper but the landlady was on holiday so would re inspect the property 3 weeks after tenancy had ended. But he couldn’t see and issue even with the wall paper because she was planning to take it off and paint the walls.
3 weeks later the agency called and said the landlady was keeping our £1200 deposit because.
1. there was a broken glass pain in the garage. this wasn’t broken when left and anyway was a cheap wooded handmade frame. but landlady wants a brand new PVC double glazed 1 so we need to pay the for that not pay for replacement of what was broken £210.
2. £100 o grass being cut even though it was cut a day before we left the property and 3 weeks had passed in perfect grass growing weather.
3. £300 for a brand new oven. Landlady said the oven is clean and working BUT when we moved it 2 years ago it was brand new so she wanted it to look like that, to top that off the oven that was in the house was a cheap £120 basic elec oven. the one she wants us to pay for is far better.
4. She has torn up the carpets to put wooden flooring but says we need to pay for the carpets as she had them cleaned before taking them up.
Going to Agency tomo and need some advice on what we can do.

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legally the landlord cannot accept old for new, for example if she is claiming damage on the carpet, she cannot expect you to pay for new flooring unless it was new when you moved in and it was your fault the carpet was unusable. The landlord cannot expect to be better off when the Tennant leaves. Look in your contract too as most places have to take reasonable fair wear and tear.

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