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Landlady wants to decorate whole of inside of house in one week

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Sorry, this is rather a long post, but I’d value peoples’ advice .

My elder daughter & her partner have lived in the same rented house for 5 years. The paintwork newly done when they moved in, & they’ve been model tenants ( according to their letting agents )
Now their landlady has said she’s going to have the whole of the interior of their house decorated in one week. I thought Landlords usually redecorated between tenants, not insisted on doing it mid tenancy.

This means they’re going to have to pack the entire contents of their house into boxes, & move them from one room to another at the painters progress.

My elder daughter’s got a long term neck & back chronic injury, which means she can’t lift heavy boxes.
Her partner’s got a very stressful job, is on anti anxiety medication & is often asked to work away from home at very short notice.

Can their landlady do this ? & have they got grounds for trying to persuade her to compromise, on the grounds that she’s being unreasonable ?

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