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Landlord Access and Communication When Selling Property

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Our private landlords (sister and brother) have very recently told us that they want to sell the property.  We have been renting for three and a half years, never missing a rent payment or bill.  We originally verbally agreed five years.  However over the past year they have constantly been getting the property valued until someone gave them the right figure. Since telling us they are selling they are calling every day wanting to bring different contractors round to improve the property to sell as it needs updating.  We are actively looking for a new property but all these constant phone calls are becoming very stressful.  They wanted to use strong chemicals to clean the patio and we had to say no as we have three cats.  Up to now we have had a good relationship with them.  We are doing our best to find somewhere else but they seem impatient to get into the property.  They haven’t actually given us notice yet as they want us to stay here until they get a buyer.  As we were very new to renting our original assured shorthold contract has fallen into a periodic contract and we have been in limbo for over a year now. Has anyone else had experient of this?  Any thoughts or informations would be welcome.

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A periodic tenancy is actually good for you, because now you can move in as little as one month. The landlord can ask you to leave by providing two months notice and issues you a Section 21 notice. 

Other than that, since you’re still the legal tenant, you have full rights to control the access to the property and push back a little. The landlord must understand that although you’re actively looking for a new place to rent, you must be allowed to live peacefully in the property until that happens. 

There isn’t a landlord in the world that wouldn’t like to keep receiving rent until the last minute before the sell, but despite their intentions, you have all your rights.

You should start requesting 24 hour notices for every visit as this is the minimum notice, defined by the law. Furthermore, you have to negotiate and reschedule every time the landlord request access at a time of the day which makes your live inconvenient. In the end, you’re even allowed to block access if the landlord will not honour your privacy. 

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A thing to remember: you still have to get your deposit back. Every conflict that you and your landlord have will make it harder to negotiate for potential deductions. In any case, make sure your legal position regarding the deposit is strong. 

Download our free guide and prepare in advance.

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