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Landlord Access Issues

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Our landlord is the father of our housemate (our “Property Manager”). Due to this, quite often we receive notification of his visits less than 10hrs before he arrives, and very often this occurs while myself and my partner are at work. (Note: Our housemate is not listed as a tenant on our contract.) Our housemate’s response to this is “Oh, he’s visiting as my father, not as our landlord”. We do not receive direct notification from our landlord (it all comes through the “property manager”) and when challenged, we often receive the response of “Oh, I forgot, sorry” or “I only found out today, too”.

I don’t know how best to respond to this. He has done a single proper “inspection” over our tenancy so far, and this was arranged with three days notice. Am I being a little precious when it comes to our landlord coming over to visit his son? I just know that if I were aware of him coming over, I would make sure the flat was in its best condition rather than being a little…you know…lived in.



You kind of signed up to this one when you entered into a property, where your property manager and housemate is your landlord’s son. 

Your tenants rights are the same, and you should probably ask your landlord to give you 24 hours of notice before he comes around. Landlord son or not, your entitled to your privacy and each visitor needs to respect that, especially your landlord. 

I wouldn’t suggest to deny them access just due to the notice problem, but be more vocal about them visiting when it’s not convenient to you. 

Other than that, you probably should worry about dazzling your landlord with your tidiness and cleanliness. Their son lives there with you every day. They stream live feedback about the conditions in the property on a day to day base and you as tenants.

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