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Landlord adding cleaning costs post checkout/final inspection

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I moved out of my rented property a week ago, there was some damage to a wall where my sofa gouged a hole, which I informed the landlord about, and this was priced up for (extortionately) repair.

Nearly a week on, she is now witholding my deposit as the cooker needed ‘profesionally’ cleaning, it wasn’t her cooker, and was filthy when I moved in four years ago, and now is claiming a carpet was ‘filthy’ after I had all of them cleaned the day of the final inspection.

There was NO inventory, or hand over from the previous tenant, and the house needed a good couple of days of cleaning when I moved in. There was NO inventory on the final inspection, no form other than her hand written notes. Can additional costs after I’ve moved out, and after the final inspection be legally deducted once my responsibilty ends, on the day of checkout and final inspection?

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In the event of a dispute over deductions from your deposit you are entitled to raise a dispute with the relevant Tenancy Deposit scheme your deposit is held with (this will be in your Prescribed Information received at the start of your tenancy).  They will look at the evidence such as invoices, Inventory Reports, Check In and Check out reports and make a decision which must be abided by.  The onus is on the Landlord to provide the required evidence that the charges made are valid, without the paperwork to back up her claims it is likely the scheme will rule in the tenants favour.  In the event of the Landlords word against the tenants then the tenant is given the benefit of the doubt.
If you are not sure where your deposit was registered you can check on the Shelter website

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